Life is full of endless possibilities.
Life Insurance from Federal Life can help you achieve the freedom to explore life’s possibilities in three critical ways: 

Life insurance can provide financial security for your loved ones or business from the “what ifs” in life. This is the foundation of a solid life plan.

Life Insurance gives you the freedom to dream big. Do what you love, because Federal Life can meet your changing needs along the way.

You want choices for your children and your children’s children. Life Insurance allows you to create a legacy of freedom for your loved ones.

Maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

Enjoy long-term growth
with protection against the loss of your money. 




Federal Life has been protecting individuals and families – generation after generation – for over 117 years.

Featured Products 

Current Interest Tradition

You want affordable, lifetime coverage. Current Interest Tradition provides permanent coverage with premiums guaranteed to never increase. You can focus on living your dreams and building your future. We’ll be here to protect your legacy. 

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The Estate Builder

Increase the value of your estate immediately, and leave your loved ones a guaranteed amount, free from federal income taxes and designed to avoid probate. An excellent option if you’ve already set aside assets you plan to leave to your children or a favorite charity.

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Market Shield Plus

Market Shield Plus gives you the opportunity to participate in stock market growth on a tax-deferred basis, with protection against the loss of your money. The optional Income Shield Rider provides you with even more flexibility and guaranteed income.

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