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Federal Life has been helping individuals and families
keep their dreams going for over 118 years.

1912 – The southeast view of Michigan Avenue from the
President’s office in the Federal Life building.

Why Federal Life?

Our logo, the Federal Life shield, is deeply symbolic of the values that drive our business, inspire our progress and reflect our commitment to you, our customer. The shield represents our promise to be here for you, whether it is providing coverage to protect your family’s financial future or helping you to safely grow and maximize your long-term savings. fl1

While many other financial services companies have merged or closed their doors, we have remained strong and progressive in an ever-changing world. For over a century, Federal Life has been protecting lives, generation after generation, with quality life insurance and annuity products. With Federal Life, you can live your dreams and leave a legacy.

Since joining the Better Business Bureau in 1952, Federal Life has consistently been awarded the Annual Better Business Bureau Complaint Free Award. We currently have an A+ rating, which is the highest possible rating issued by the Better Business Bureau.

Here are the core values that define what we do:

Stability – Federal Life has been in the business of protecting families for over 117 years. We have endured economic crises and remain an independently operated company. Our industry experiences helps us develop products that will serve you for a lifetime.

Integrity – We are in the business of consistently providing superior customer service, for well over a century. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and sound financial products. And, because of the way we do business, you’ll get a response from a live person whether by phone, email, or fax (whichever you prefer).

Trust – We stand by the quality of what we do for you – the products, the service, and ultimately, the promise to be here for you when you need us. As a valued member of the Federal Life family, you can rest assured knowing that we protect your privacy. We never share or sell any of your personal information. We abide by industry standard regulations for advertising and disclosures so that you have all of the information you need to make an educated decision for your financial future.

Stewardship – We proudly support our local community and participate in a variety of both annual and seasonal charitable events. Our employees are actively involved, each helping to make the world a better place in their own way.

Tradition – We are also proud of our longstanding tradition of financial strength and stability, which is a motivating force as we forge our path into the future. We want our products and our service to commemorate the generations of families we’ve protected since opening our doors in 1899. As we continually discuss ways in which we can improve our business model to serve you better – through product innovation and technological advancements – we also want to bring forward our tradition of excellence.

Value – Developing products that meet – and exceed – our customers’ expectations is of critical importance to us. We want to create products that meet your needs at a competitive price. Your budget should never force you to sacrifice quality.

Customer Satisfaction – We have consistently received the ‘Complaint Free Award’ from the Better Business Bureau, which is only one testament to our quality service and ability to meet – and exceed – our customers’ expectations. As a company policy, we go above and beyond what is necessary to ensure that our customers are entirely satisfied as valued members of the Federal Life family.

Our History | A Timeline

Federal Life was incorporated.

Federal Life was one of 93 companies that formed the Chicago Commercial Association later to become the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Federal Life was one of seven Midwestern life insurance companies to form the American Life Convention that was merged with the Life Insurance Association of America and became the American Council of Life Insurers.

Federal Life witnessed the Chicago Cubs win their first ever World Series.

Federal Life witnessed the Chicago Cubs win their second World Series, in an exciting rematch against the Detroit Tigers.

Federal Life was one of 82 charter members of the Life Office Management Association.

Federal Life started writing life insurance business on mortgagors of savings and loans and later established relationships with a number of financial institutions.

Federal Life became a member of the Better Business Bureau and has consistently earned the Better Business Bureau Complaint Free Award that is awarded annually.

Federal Life was a pioneer in the variable annuity business when it formed a relationship with Wellington Management Company. In 1976, Federal Life introduced a Variable Annuity that was unique at that time having Wellington Management Funds as investment options as well as a Fixed Annuity with Federal Life.

Federal Life formed its own Broker/Dealer called FED Mutual Financial Services, Inc.

Federal Life has also managed several life insurance subsidiaries for several of the largest savings and loans in the Chicago area.

Federal Life began its second century of operation.

Federal Life became a member of the Chicago Federal Home Loan Bank.

Federal Life launched Market Shield Plus, a unique Index-Linked Annuity which offers the opportunity to participate in stock market growth on a tax-deferred basis, with downside protection.

Federal Life Insurance Company reorganized from a mutual insurance company to a stock insurance company within a mutual holding company structure.

In November, Federal Life revealed a new company website and witnessed the Chicago Cubs win their third ever World Series Championship.

Federal Life Mutual Holding Company (“FLMHC”) completed a conversion from a mutual to stock form of organization and completed the formation of a stock holding company Federal Life Group, Inc.  Federal Life Insurance Company (“FLIC”) is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Federal Life Group, Inc.

Today, Federal Life continues to improve its product line to better service its customers. Federal life has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is the highest rating awarded. Federal Life has received this rating since the letter grade system was introduced in 2009.