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Protect your health and finances
with Medicare Supplement Insurance.

This is a great option to add to your existing Medicare Part A and B plans because Medicare Supplement insurance helps cover costs that Part A and Part B do not cover.   These include expenses like copays, coinsurance, and Part A and Part B deductibles. We will help you find the Plan that works best for you.

Federal Life offers a full line of competitive Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Product Name: Medicare Supplement
Medicare Supplement Coverage Plans: A, F, G, N, and High Deductible G in most states
Early enrollment discounts starting at 12%*
7% household discount availability
Two Year conversion option from High Deductible G Plan to Plan G with no underwriting
High Deductible G Plan offers low premiums and no provider restrictions
Medicare Supplement Sales Brochure: Medicare Supplement Brochure 2022
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Early enrollment discounts start at 12%*. You may be eligible for an early enrollment discount if you are between the ages of 65 and 73 when the policy is issued. The early enrollment discount will change each year as you age.

High Deductible Plan G might be ideal for someone who wants low premium but does not want restrictions for the providers they use. It also works well if you have a health savings account.

Two-Year Conversion on High Deductible Plan G with no underwriting:  After the policy has been in force for a period of 24 consecutive months from the policy date, and without any lapse or suspension periods, you may have the opportunity to convert your Medicare Supplement Insurance to a Plan G without an annual high deductible. You may not need additional coverage in your early Medicare years but as you age, you can change coverage options to reduce your out of pocket costs while maximizing savings in those early years.

*Available in AZ and GA

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